The burden of today’s ministers is a heavy one.  But you can help your pastor fulfill his God-given call through intercessory prayer.  The greatest gift you can give your pastor is prayer!


·         Humility: Pray that your pastor would walk humbly with God, seeking His will and direction in all things.  Pray that his heart would be strong in the midst of trials and accusation and that he would commit himself into the hands of Him who judges righteously.  Pray that he would learn and grow through every circumstance and that he would give God glory for every victory.

·         Relationships: Pray that your pastor would not be corrupted by the necessary contact with a sinful world and that his heart would withstand the influences of his worldly acquaintances.  Pray that he would influence every person he meets for good and that he would be a shining witness in his personal life for Jesus Christ.  Pray for peace in his dealings with people.

·         Balance:  Pray that your pastor would maintain a steady, consistent walk, and that he would not be swayed by dangerous extremes.  Pray that his course would be steadfast and unwavering.  Pray that his character would combine the strength and gentleness of the Lord.


·         Relationships:  Pray for the peace of God to cover and protect the fabric of your pastor’s family.  Pray that God’s anointing would ease the friction and produce a loving atmosphere.  Pray that your pastor would be a Godly leader of his home, giving his family the love and attention they need to grow.  Pray that your pastor’s income would meet the needs and realistic desires of his family.

·         Protection: Pray a covering of God’s protection over the family of your pastor.  Pray against negative pressures and distractions.  Pray that as your pastor abides in the presence of God that no destructive force would touch his home and that God’s angels would keep his family.


·         Power:  Pray that your pastor would be energized by the Holy Ghost for his daily pastoral duties.  Pray that he would be strong in the Lord and the power of His might and the he would be prepared to do all things through Christ who strengthens him.

·         Holiness:  Pray for a hedge of purity around your pastor.  Pray a covering for his eyes, his mind, his steps, and his heart with holiness that he would not fall into temptation or the snares of the devil.  Pray for his word to be seasoned with grace and for his mind to be stayed on the Lord.  Pray that he would be well pleasing in all things to God.

·         Accountability:  Pray that God would bring a man of God into your pastor’s life and that God would continue to cultivate that relationship.  Pray that your pastor will remain open to such a friendship.

·         Warfare:  Pray the armor of God over your pastor.  Pray that now weapon formed against him would prosper, that he would not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices, and that the enemy would not gain advantage over him.


·         In the City:  Pray that God’s people would be called forth from every corner of the city and even from without the city and be gathered together to your pastor.  Pray that every one that God has ordained to ministry will come and submit to him.  Pray that he would be anointed to be a leader in your community.

·         Pulpit Ministry: Pray for God’s anointing to rest heavily upon your pastor and that God would prepare him for that anointing.  Pray that the Word of God would come alive as he preaches.   Pray for a burning conviction to grip the hearts of everyone that is not right with God.  Pray that his study and preparation time would be protected so that he can receive from God the message He has for your church.  Pray that is preaching would magnify Christ in all things.

·         Vision: Pray that your pastor would receive God’s direction and vision for your church.  Pray that he would be sensitive to the needs of the congregation as he leads and that he would feed the flock that which they need of.

·         Counseling: Pray that God’s wisdom would flow through your pastor as he deals with the people’s problems.  Pray that he would be protected from the pressure of sinful, negative, and antagonistic spirits that he may encounter during counseling.  Pray that he would be anointed to give beauty for ashes and the oil of gladness for those that mourn.

·         Finances: Pray for wisdom in handling the church finances and for strength to bear the pressure of financial responsibilities.  Pray for God’s blessings on your church that you might be the head and not the tail.  Pray that the church’s stewardship over money would glorify God and help establish the work of God in your city.